Perfect Picks #15: a weekly roundup of resources for online creatives looking to ditch perfect


Welcome to this week’s edition of Perfect Picks, my friend! Each week, I’ll share a few encouraging words + behind-the-scenes insights into my daily perfectionism journal with real-life examples of how I manage when my perfectionism pops up.

Plus, a roundup of useful and inspiring resources for online creatives and recovering perfectionists. Think: practical tips, thought-provoking blog posts + #allthethings I've been loving lately.

Let’s get to it.

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perfectly imperfect Encouragement

Have you ever felt uneasy about calling yourself a creative? I know I have. I've struggled with it for a long time: never really feeling "creative enough" to call myself a creative.

Isn't it interesting how we instantly + fully believe someone else when they say something about who we are - stupid, ugly, lazy, not good enough, a bad friend/mother/partner - but we have so much trouble letting ourselves claim part of our identity?

Isn't it interesting how we let other people label us (misrepresenting us in the process), but we're scared to do it ourselves?

Raise your hands if it has taken you a good number of months or even years to call yourself a creative, an artist, a photographer, a blogger, a designer, a coach etc. I've gotten better at it over time + I think it's important to drop the "not enough" label. There isn't a perfect amount of creative you need to be in order for you to call yourself a creative. You can join the club anytime, no "creativity credentials" required.

Let me know in the comments, what's one part of your identity that you've been scared to claim as your own?

Snippets from my perfectionism journal

My perfectionism showed up this week:

  • as a win! I received some criticism at work today, but, for the first time, I didn't take it personally. It didn't feel like an attack on me as a person. I took it to heart, learned my lesson + will do better next time. This is a huge win for me.

Snippets from my gratitude list

This week I was grateful for...

  • putting myself out there

  • getting a 'yes'

  • candlelight

  • writing a few blog posts I'm really happy with

  • treating myself to dessert

  • showing up for myself through this gratitude list

Ditch Perfect | Meet Wendy

Perfect picks

Here’s my offering of inspiring reads for you this week. As always, take what you need + what resonates with you in your journey right now.

There are two kinds of people in this world: “sorry” people and “thank you” people

By Man Repeller

"A lot has been written on the internet about the virtue of replacing “sorry” with “thank you,” and most pieces focus on this exact “empowerment” angle — the idea that skipping the apologies is a way of allowing yourself to take up space. That’s been true in my experience, but I’m even more taken by how the swap transforms its recipient. For example, if I apologize to my boyfriend for being in a sad mood while we’re hanging out, I’m indirectly asking him to comfort me further. And if he replies kindly by saying that it’s okay, he might have to hide his true feelings (that it is, indeed, a bummer, even though he understands). If I thank him instead — for staying by my side, for being so supportive, for carrying us today — he gets rewarded for his kindness by way of my appreciation, no fibs needed. The “thank you” transaction is about him, maybe even us; the “sorry” is about me and my pain. It’s self-involved."

The Little Chapters episode 4 - What do you want?

By Jessica Rose Williams + Kayte Ferris

"Work is a more socially rewarded distraction."

Fearless Hustle Collective episode 13: side hustling with Josephine Brooks

By Anna Dunleavy

On prioritizing your workload, looking after yourself + taking time out.

How to deal with the fear of being visible in your creative business

By Ditch Perfect

“When you’re scared to be seen, everything is scary. You don’t want to be successful. You don’t want to be happy. You don’t want more than you think you deserve, which is not much of anything at all. I think in having my photos taken, I demanded I was worth being seen. I was claiming a part of me that I’d let hide away for too long.”

My ‘tingly goals for 2019 and word for the year

By Hannah Bullivant

"So I am taking my sweet time, following my own inner rhythm and juggling my hoping and dreaming and goal setting with home and family. I know I don’t feel ready to spring into action until Spring (see what I did there) but I do love this month for the planning and dreaming. I take the whole month to do this, I don’t rush it, and I really enjoy the space this creates to focus on me a bit."

Grow With Soul Ep. 23: The Answers Are Already Inside You with Susannah Conway

By Simple & Season

On why there’s no ‘right’, dealing with fear, knowing what you want and sticking to it + being honest and showing up as your true self.

Permission for a slow January

By A Slow Adventure

"I’ve been inspired and influenced by the seasons for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood the back porch of my parents’ house was filled with endless baskets of foraged treasures; a constant reflection of nature’s changing bounty. I’ve always found comfort in the cyclical pattern of the seasons, too – the predictable shifts in weather, clothing, food and activities. Despite this deep-rooted affinity, though, it’s only really within the last year that I’ve come to see how seasonality can be applied to work; how we can, and should, design our working year around the ebb and flow of the natural world rather than the numbers on a calendar."

Planning ahead for 2019 - how I set meaningful goals for life & work

By Bless the Weather

"Begin with a positive mindset, and create your goals from a place of self love and not a place of self loathing. Ask yourself what you can do each day to nourish your mind, body and spirit, make positive choices to move you closer to where you want to be, and spend your days feeling healthier, happier and more fulfilled. Don’t beat yourself up about what you are not, big yourself up for all that you are."

Crafting a work day to fit your slow lifestyle

By Emmeline Bramble

“Well, as luck would have it, this week, I had the unexpected fortune of getting a taste for what such an experience might feel like when I actually pulled a metaphorical magic scroll out of my own personal files. I was working on devising a plan for scheduling this year [...], when I stumbled upon a list of questions, that I have to assume I wrote down at some point, though I have no recollection of writing them… And they were just what I needed!”


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