Perfect Picks #16: a weekly roundup of resources for online creatives looking to ditch perfect


Welcome to this week’s edition of Perfect Picks, my friend! Each week, I’ll share a few encouraging words + behind-the-scenes insights into my daily perfectionism journal with real-life examples of how I manage when my perfectionism pops up.

Plus, a roundup of useful and inspiring resources for online creatives and recovering perfectionists. Think: practical tips, thought-provoking blog posts + #allthethings I've been loving lately.

Let’s get to it.

Meet Wendy | Ditch Perfect

perfectly imperfect encouragement

It's hard to accept sometimes that you can't rush your journey. I know I want to at times, when I know what I want I want it now. But allowing things to slowly evolve is so much sweeter long term. Things that are thrown together quickly don't last + often you end up with something you don't really like because you forced it without really knowing. Take your time. Change your mind, move forward, move sideways, take a step back. It's all good.

So, talk to me about patience? Are you good with patience or are you impatient like me? How do you deal with goals that are going to take some time to achieve, and the wait involved?

You can't rush your journey | Ditch Perfect

Snippets from my perfectionism journal

My perfectionism showed up this week:

  • as procrastination: I received an email but avoided looking at it for days for fear of it not giving me the “perfect” answer I was looking for. I was also scared of the next steps I had to take + thinking I wouldn’t be good enough to take on the challenge.

  • as catastrophizing: I felt like I wanted to give up as I'm not where I want to be yet with Ditch Perfect. I had to remind myself that all forward movement is progress and that there isn’t such as a “perfect” blueprint for growing my creative business.

Snippets from my gratitude list

This week I was grateful for...

  • celebrating my sister’s + brother-in-law’s birthday

  • a lovely afternoon with family

  • a tasty dinner

  • receiving a compliment

  • a new job

Meet Wendy | Ditch Perfect

Perfect picks

Here’s my offering of inspiring reads for you this week. As always, take what you need + what resonates with you in your journey right now.

5 Tips to Starting a Daily Creative Practice

By Wit & Delight

“The goal of daily practice, or any creative habit in my book – is to enjoy the process. Creative practice increases joy + purpose, invites connection and reflection. It quiets anxiety and reduces stress. By calming your mind and focusing on the process, you’ll experience these moments of joy and fun daily – which will begin to carry over into the rest of your day. That’s the point.”

Thinking about disruption in our work & life

By Simple & Season

“As this was turning over in my mind, one word kept following me around: disrupt. To be honest it wasn’t a word I was particularly keen on, and I kept scowling at it over my shoulder. When you hear disruption it’s usually preceded by the word ‘rail’, or used in the context of Silicon Valley start up bros with an idea to disrupt your morning porridge. It’s never usually something positive. But ‘disrupt’ was persistent – popping it’s head round the door when I was in the shower, whispering in my ear before I went to sleep, waving wildly at me across the street. In this case, familiarity bred fondness, and I began to accept that my brain/the universe was trying to tell me something.”

2018 in Books

By Field and Nest

“I’ve spent the past twelve months becoming infatuated with imaginary worlds, falling deeply in love with well-developed characters and losing myself in the pages of many incredible stories. I have always loved to read, but the past year in particular has reinforced how much I adore fiction.”

How can minimalism help with creativity?

By Rosie O’Neill

“Minimalism is, to me, not about the typical bare and pristine aesthetic popular on pinterest. It isn't white floorboards and chic monochrome furnishings. It can be all those things, for sure. But it's also more than that, it's about creating an environment and lifestyle where the things you surround yourself fill you with energy and happiness, but don't overwhelm you or stress you out.”

No need to sparkle

By Circle of Pine Trees

“I find that it is always the beginning of a new year which calls to mind her assertion that there is ‘no need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.’”

My favourite productivity apps

By Anna Considine

“I never, ever used to be an organised person. I truly did not function well prior to the advent of organisational technology: I’ve tried endless diaries, bullet journals, calendars and notebooks, but I’ve finally accepted that paper-based organisation just isn’t my forte and I have endless admiration for those of you who excel at it.”

How to fit slow living into your busy day

By The Sustainable Edit

“That aspirational slow living lifestyle can often seem unattainable. Especially when you work full time and don’t have the luxury of taking big chunks out of your day to enjoy those slow living rituals. But slow living isn’t about spending your days relaxing in the countryside (although if that’s what you want then more power to you). Instead, it’s about giving yourself permission to make time for the things you enjoy.”

Let’s talk about freelance finances

By Bless the Weather

“It’s hard to leap, to trust yourself, believe in yourself, your business and in things all working out for the better. I think when you start a business, and release yourself from the financial security of full time employment, you have to put a lot of faith in the process. That took me time to learn, after pushing myself through burn out, over working myself and doing anything and everything to earn even another £50. It was short sighted, and wasn’t serving me or my business.”

Eight simple ways to be a better writer

By Our Story Time

“Writing matters to me because I find it life-affirming. We may think a thought, write it down, explore where it goes. There is always something or some place or some feeling or someone to write towards.”

Fearless Hustle Podcast episode 18: Being authentic with Aiste Saulyte

By Anna Dunleavy

On Aiste’s journey of setting up her business, the reasons behind her move away from London, what it’s like to share authentically online, and how being open and honest can lead to real connections.

Creatively Human episode 20: Our businesses can change the world (if we give ourselves permission to believe it)

By Ruth Poundwhite

On the importance of realizing that what you’re doing in your business is changing the world… not in a "rarara, look at me!" kind of way, but in an intentional small and impactful way. 


Meet Wendy | Ditch Perfect

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