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Welcome to this week’s edition of Perfect Picks, my friend! Each week, I’ll share a few encouraging words + behind-the-scenes insights into my daily perfectionism journal with real-life examples of how I manage when my perfectionism pops up.

Plus, a roundup of useful and inspiring resources for online creatives and recovering perfectionists. Think: practical tips, thought-provoking blog posts + #allthethings I've been loving lately.

Let’s get to it.

Meet Wendy | Ditch Perfect

perfectly imperfect Encouragement

Don't forget that being you, just you, will always be good enough.

The truth is social media allows us to connect with kindred spirits like never before. But it can also fuel the comparison game, jealousy + insecurity, especially among the creative community. Time and again I've heard my clients, students + colleagues talk about how "uncool" they feel or how "not stylish" their home, wardrobe, or life is.

Well folks, I'm here to tell you just one thing: your life, no matter what it looks like, is awesome and worthy. To heck with coolness, trends, or popularity contests.

Snippets from my perfectionism journal

My perfectionism showed up this week:

  • when I made a mistake and became really critical of myself. Maybe, just maybe, my new job is the vehicle to tackle my fear of confrontation AND criticism. My job is fast-paced and stressful, which is a perfect experimenting ground for me.

Snippets from my gratitude list

This week I was grateful for...

  • the sun on my skin

  • my colorful living room that never fails to brighten me up

  • a hot shower

  • asking for help on my new job because I didn't know what to do

  • facing a personal challenge

  • chocolate

  • resting my body this weekend

Meet Wendy | Ditch Perfect

Perfect picks

Here’s my offering of inspiring reads for you this week. As always, take what you need.

Inside a failure

"So over-saturated is Success-gram that we have become unhealthily fearful of failure. It’s natural to feel trepidatious when starting something new, but I’ve had conversations with clients who agonise over the communications of their e-courses in case it looks like they’ve failed if they don’t sell it out. I’m not immune either – over the last couple of weeks I’ve had days of despair over the fact that my courses and programmes just aren’t selling out. But you know what? I failed. And I survived."

Is chasing after business growth always a good thing?

“I'm all for taking imperfect action. 'Progress over perfection', we've all heard that phrase and I definitely can get behind it. But here's the thing, instead of using a phrase like this to make us feel better about the not-enoughness of our growth, why don't we take some time to question what 'growth' should look like instead?”

12 signs you’re doing well in your business (even if you don’t feel like it)

“Having an over-complicated business model is actually a form of self-sabotage. No one needs to have a really complicated business model. It’s confusing and way less likely to be impactful.”

How to stay positive when you are running a creative business

“Most of us have been conditioned to expect the worst. We’ve let our fear of disappointment run so high, that we don’t allow ourselves to dream big or go after the things we want. And this leads to so many missed opportunities. It’s time to drop the belief that life is hard, and that nothing will work, and that everyone is out to get you. That is not the way to live.”

How to embrace your flaws and FINALLY be the face of your brand

“I know showcasing your flaws in your business goes against everything that feels natural. You're probably even thinking: “Why would you ever intentionally draw attention to something strange, unprofessional, or unusual about myself?” Well, embracing (and even showcasing your flaws) not only builds trust by making your brand more human, but it also differentiates you from your competition.”


Meet Wendy | Ditch Perfect

Hey, Wendy here!

As a perfectionism coach, I help online creatives #ditchperfect, overcome their perfectionism + take action on the big ideas they have for their business. Let’s work together and make those ideas happen.