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Welcome to this week’s edition of Perfect Picks, my friend! Each week, I’ll share a few encouraging words + behind-the-scenes insights into my daily perfectionism journal with real-life examples of how I manage when my perfectionism pops up.

Plus, a roundup of useful and inspiring resources for online creatives and recovering perfectionists. Think: practical tips, thought-provoking blog posts + #allthethings I've been loving lately.

Let’s get to it.

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The beautiful thing about dreams? It's never ever too late to chase them. It's never too late to be whoever you want to be.

Snippets from my perfectionism journal

My perfectionism showed up this week...

  • as incessant ruminating. After being called out for something at work, which may or may not have been fair, I couldn’t handle the criticism very well + I replayed the conversation in my head probably about 20 times.

Snippets from my gratitude list

This week I was grateful for...

  • my warm winter coat

  • a comfy scarf

  • gloves

  • a new night cream

  • catching myself backsliding into emotional eating

  • my ability to make different choices

Ditch Perfect | Meet Wendy

Perfect picks

Here’s my offering of inspiring reads for you this week. As always, take what you need.

The big fears that hold creatives back (and how to overcome them)

By Beth Kirby

“The first step is the hardest. Whatever goal you are chasing, it is all too easy to come up with a long list of reasons NOT to start. What if people don’t like my work? What if I’m not good enough? What if it’s simply too late? I’ve had all of those fears myself, many in the last few days. And the truth is, we’re never going to eliminate fear completely. But we CAN learn to appreciate where our fear is coming from and choose to take the next small step, despite our uncertainty.”

32 little things to be thankful for

By Notes from Joana

“Inspired by the fact that Thanksgiving was celebrated last Thursday in the US, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be more mindful of all the things I’m grateful for but often forget about. You know, those little things we take for granted and don’t appreciate enough. As it can be very easy to wish we had this and that, it’s important to stop for a moment to acknowledge and appreciate all the good things we do have in our life.”

How to keep going when you’re despondent building your business

By Betty Means Business

“Whether you’re just at the starting line of building your business or your a more seasoned entrepreneur?  It’s a tough gig. Some days are really great, some days you feel like you’re getting somewhere, and other days you just don’t. It really sucks. You may feel isolated, or alone, or you feel like you have been working yourself ragged, and doing everything everyone else tells you to do, but you’re still not where you thought you’d be. The first thing I want to say is that if this is you right now, if you’re in this headspace (or if you’ve recently been): You are not alone.”

How to deal with the pressure to be perfect on Instagram

By Ditch Perfect

“How many times in your life have you surrendered your power to other people or even things? Based on my own experience, probably too many times. When you determine your self-worth based on the number of likes on a photo or the number of followers you have, you're letting arbitrary numbers dictate your confidence and self-worth. You're giving an app permission to take your power... the power you have to cultivate your personal taste and to authentically love what you create.”

What if “the right decision” doesn’t exist?

By Man Repeller

“Perhaps this in-betweensy mentality is a symptom of a society obsessed with options. The freedom to choose is an undeniable privilege, but oversaturation of choices can also serve up a fast track to paralysis. For me, decision fatigue has evolved into so many things: a cautiousness around timing, a fear around regret, a secret longing for fate and an attraction to the wondering charms of what if. Too often I have found myself complacent, living where I knew I ultimately didn’t want to be, just so I didn’t have to make a decision.”

How self-employment affected my mental health (+ 6 ways I manage it)

By This Renegade Love

“No one tells you about the days spent completely alone, the isolation of being your own boss, or how hard it can be to hustle so hard without recognition. How opening yourself up to the online world can also open the floodgates for criticism, how easy it is to compare your level of success to someone else’s, and how quickly you can get sucked in to a whirlpool of negative thoughts. How your phone can go from being your best friend to your worst enemy.”

Living a busy life full of clutter and chaos? You need white space

By All the Trinkets

“Much like how design needs white space for it to effectively work, so does your brain. Yep. That three pound lump inside your skull needs as much white space as your Pinterest blog graphics.”


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