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5 apps to help you overcome perfectionism in your creative business

I don’t know about you but my perfectionism shows up at the most inconvenient times or when I’m doing the smallest, most random tasks.

A few minutes ago, I triple spell-checked the most basic email before sending it and then afterwards I went to my Sent folder to quadruple check if my spelling and tone really was okay.


But what if there’s a way to stop yourself from going down the spell-checking rabbit hole? Because, as a perfectionist, you need all the help you can get in dealing with your perfectionism, right?!

Enter… apps!

Let’s be honest, I know it’s a pain to scroll through a long list of every available app out there, so I’ve rounded up the 5 most effective apps for dealing with perfectionism in your creative business (and in your personal life, too!).

Ready? Let’s go.

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