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3 things to focus on when starting a creative business

It’s the #1 question that’s on every one of my clients’ minds.

When you’re first exploring the idea of starting a creative business (or even when you’re a year in, or two, or three), how do you know what to do first in a overwhelming, most likely unorganized pile of to-do’s?

What is a wise way to spend your time + what are the absolute must-do’s to get your business off to the right start?

(Side note: I don’t believe in ‘should-ing’ you into doing something, anything for your business. Here’s why.)

While every situation is unique + it’s probably best to center your purpose and values in every decision you make, there are a few great places you can get started so you don’t kick yourself for not having implemented them further down the line.

There are definitely a lot more things you could add to this list, but I’ve managed to cut it back to the essentials: the 3 areas that you can start with + go from there.

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