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Stop pursuing perfection (+ other lessons learned in my first year of business)

Up until now I’ve been pretty quiet about it, but I recently celebrated my first year in business. *cue confetti*

Looking back, it’s insane to think how much Ditch Perfect has evolved (heck, how much I have evolved) in the past year. So much has happened (writing, creating, launching my coaching services, pitching, being pitched, re-branding) + the year has flown by.

As I sit here reflecting on all of this, I find that there were certain challenges that popped up throughout the year waiting for me to take action or to learn the lesson they represented.

Some of these lessons were struggles at first and some of them still are.

Today, I want to share these lessons with you as a way of being honest and transparent about my business and personal struggles. I hope you can apply them in your work and life as well.

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