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How I stop letting perfectionism hold me back by Shield Sisters Initiative

Hi friends, Wendy here! Welcome to Ditch Perfect’s Client + Community Stories series. My mission with Ditch Perfect is to help online creatives let go of their perfectionism + take action on their big creative ideas.

I’ve personally learned so much from other people's perfectionist stories + that’s why I’m sharing these powerful stories right here on the blog. Reading about personal experiences is a powerful thing + I believe there’s so much you can learn from these stories and insights too.

Today, I’m very grateful to share Raewyn Sangari from Shield Sisters Initiative ‘s perfectionist story. Over to you Raewyn!

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5 steps to stop procrastinating on your creative projects

I’m going out on a limb here. You felt that 2019 was *the* year that you would finally get started on that creative project you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Putting the finishing touches on your creations is difficult for you, because you feel like they could be just a little bit more perfect.

You’re also wildly familiar with being stuck in the messy middle of a creative project at the expense of your productivity.

If this is ‘check, check, check’ for you, then you know what it’s like to be stuck in procrastination station. You’re not alone. I’ve been there.

Procrastination is the curse of the creative. You create something with your heart and soul + then you have to put your creations out there for the world to see, judge, and criticize. That stuff is scary. No wonder you procrastinate. No wonder your productivity suffers.

The thing is, though, you don’t have to remain stuck in procrastination station. These sure-fire tips will help you beat procrastination + improve your productivity with purpose.

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6 lessons learned from going full-time with my creative business

A little over seven weeks ago I took the biggest leap of my life. I gave up the safety of a steady paycheck and said ‘Hell yeah!’ to entrepreneurship. Before that, for exactly one year, I ran Ditch Perfect in addition to my full-time job.

The transition from employee to entrepreneur has been both exciting and terrifying. Looking back now, the biggest lessons I learned along the way are not about business or marketing or copywriting. No, the lessons I learned are mostly about myself, who I am, what my values are + how to manage my energy.

So, this isn’t a post about the steps you need to take to take your side hustle full-time. This isn’t about business.

This is about going through a significant life transition + the lessons learned along the way. Big life changes is something we all go through, so I’m sure you can relate.

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12 productivity excuses that hold you back in your creative business

Is this you? You have a big creative idea (a blog? a podcast? a book? a new service?) that you want to make happen. Yet, you fall victim to procrastination + not achieving the goals you set for yourself.

In this recent blog post I shared my view on productivity: what it really is and, more importantly, what it most definitely is NOT. Productivity isn’t the dirty word we’ve come to believe it is. Productivity isn’t cramming every minute of your day full with activities and things to do, so that you can call yourself ‘productive’.

I wholeheartedly believe that this is what it means to be productive:

“Productivity is the means with which you get to work towards fulfilling your purpose. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working purposefully.”

Woah! Read that again…

Yes, productivity without purpose is just busyness.

But before you even can get started with figuring out what it means to be purposefully productive + taking action on your big creative ideas, there’s something that needs to be addressed first. You need to get real clear on the excuses you’ve been telling yourself that have stopped you from being purposefully productive.

To make things a little easier on you, I’m going to list the 12 most common excuses about productivity here. Ready? Okay, let’s get started.

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A radically different way to look at productivity

Today, I’m setting the record straight.

Many of you have let me know that you struggle with procrastination, productivity + taking action on those big creative ideas you have for yourself and your creative business.

It’s a struggle I know all too well.

I know the shame of feeling like you’re not good enough and don’t measure up to those people that renovate their house AND write an entire book on a random Tuesday + make it all seem so easy. I know the guilt of feeling like you could’ve done more, more, more.

It’s procrastination, comparisonitis, and FOMO waiting to happen.

The way out of these feelings, for me, was when I started to redefine what it means to be productive. There’s a right way and a wrong way to look at productivity and it’s time to get really clear on what’s what.

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