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3 reminders for creatives who feel like they're falling behind

Have you ever felt like you’re falling behind, like you can’t quite keep up?

I’ve definitely been feeling the feeling of ‘being behind’ these last few weeks.

It started with one missed day of not checking out the latest on Instagram. On day 2, I was simply too tired. Day 3 came and I genuinely missed engaging with my community on Instagram, but the thought of having to catch up on so many posts was a little overwhelming. Where do I even start? What will they think? Will they think it’s weird I’m commenting on a days old post?

And before I knew it, a couple of days became a couple of weeks.

Any of this sound familiar? Exchange ‘engaging on Instagram’ with reading the latest blog posts, catching the newest podcast episodes, or taking stock of the most recent must-try marketing trends, and I’m sure you have experienced that feeling of ‘being behind’ too.

As I’m navigating my way through this bout of Instagram overwhelm (+ giving myself lots of grace in the process!), these reminders were helpful for me and my hope is that they’ll be helpful for you too.

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4 easy ways to make sure your website is working for your creative business

Is your website pulling its weight?

Your website is important to you as an online creative. It’s *the* online space for your clients, customers + community. A space that, unlike your social media channels, you actually own.

Your website’s primary purpose is to convert casual followers into fangirl customers. And sure, it needs to look pretty too.

So let me ask you again, is your website pulling its weight? Is it set up to be intentional + strategic, so that every element on your website serves a purpose, which is to lead visitors toward the goal that you’ve set beforehand?

I’ve found that a great way to answer these questions, is to do a website audit.

I get it, the word ‘audit’ brings up all sorts of negative feelings about taxes and finances + it sounds (let's be honest here) incredibly boring. However, a website audit can be a great tool to assess your current website + make improvements that, in turn, will help grow your creative business.

The purpose of the website audit is to make sure your site is performing well for your creative business. Over time, your creative business can go through gradual changes + it’s important that every part of your website reflects that.

You know when you go to the doctor’s every year or so just for a check-up? A website audit is basically a check-up for your website. It gives you the areas you need to improve without having to rebrand or create a whole new design. It’s a big time-saver.

That’s why, in this blog post, I’m sharing 4 easy ways to make sure your website is working *for* your creative business.

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How to create an intentional online space for your creative business

As an online creative, I know you have a ton on your plate. And, if you’re going at this whole running-a-creative-business thing alone, there’s always the question of “Am I doing the right things + am I doing them in the right order?”

When it comes to designing an intentional online space for your creative business, strategy should be your first priority.

I firmly believe that your website needs to be intentional + strategic, so that every element on your website serves a purpose. And that purpose is to lead visitors toward the goal that you’ve set beforehand.

Basically, the purpose of your website is to convert casual followers into fangirl clients.

Whether you’re considering working with a designer on your website or going the DIY route, you’ll want to strategize + see if you’re prepared before you get started. To help you along, here are 5 questions you should answer before (re)designing your website for your creative business.

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Stop pursuing perfection (+ other lessons learned in my first year of business)

Up until now I’ve been pretty quiet about it, but I recently celebrated my first year in business. *cue confetti*

Looking back, it’s insane to think how much Ditch Perfect has evolved (heck, how much I have evolved) in the past year. So much has happened (writing, creating, launching my coaching services, pitching, being pitched, re-branding) + the year has flown by.

As I sit here reflecting on all of this, I find that there were certain challenges that popped up throughout the year waiting for me to take action or to learn the lesson they represented.

Some of these lessons were struggles at first and some of them still are.

Today, I want to share these lessons with you as a way of being honest and transparent about my business and personal struggles. I hope you can apply them in your work and life as well.

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How to deal with the fear of being visible in your creative business

Do you ever dim your light?

My friend Allie Tymo asked that question recently and it hit me straight in the gut.

This theme seems to pop up everywhere for me right now as I've been chatting with Suzie Chaney, Verena Bowyer + Fiona Barrows on Instagram about our fear of being seen and our intention of being seen more (+ our work being more visible) in the new year.

I think a lot of us online creatives love the *online* part of our work, the fact that there's a computer screen between ourselves and the world around us.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there's a danger of us not fully showing up, of giving in to the fear of being visible + seen as we are.

I think we're not talking about this very common, very real struggle enough.

Right now, I don’t have it all figured out. I’m right there, smack in the middle with you. But if you struggle with the fear of being visible, these are a few thoughts to help you on your way.

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