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How to deal with the fear of being visible in your creative business

Do you ever dim your light?

My friend Allie Tymo asked that question recently and it hit me straight in the gut.

This theme seems to pop up everywhere for me right now as I've been chatting with Suzie Chaney, Verena Bowyer + Fiona Barrows on Instagram about our fear of being seen and our intention of being seen more (+ our work being more visible) in the new year.

I think a lot of us online creatives love the *online* part of our work, the fact that there's a computer screen between ourselves and the world around us.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there's a danger of us not fully showing up, of giving in to the fear of being visible + seen as we are.

I think we're not talking about this very common, very real struggle enough.

Right now, I don’t have it all figured out. I’m right there, smack in the middle with you. But if you struggle with the fear of being visible, these are a few thoughts to help you on your way.

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