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5 things that aren’t priorities in my slow business journey

Everyone has made their list of the zillion things they want to do and accomplish in the new year by now. But not me. I’m a bit of a rebel when it comes to goal setting.

It must be the perfectionist in me: I don't want to set goals, so that I won't have failed if I don't achieve them... which is a little silly but oh well.

When I created Ditch Perfect, I wanted it to be a space for online creatives with a soulful streak (AKA you and me!). For those of us who want to step off the beaten path + do things our way. It’s not rebelling for the sake of being a rebel.

It’s doing things in our own way + on our own terms in order to protect and prioritize what’s most precious to us: our time, energy, health + family.

So at the start of this new year, I've made a conscious decision to skip doing some things in my creative business altogether. Some of these 5 things may surprise you as, normally, they're major parts of being an online creative.

Here's the things I’m not going to prioritize in my slow business journey in the new year.

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