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How to use gratitude as a business strategy

Do you want to stand out from all the other creative businesses out there? Do you want to wow your clients and customers + actually build a close relationship with them? Do you want to do things a little differently + run your creative business in your own way?

Then stick around, my friend, because in this in-depth blog post I’m giving you everything you need to know on:

  • How to use gratitude as a way of dealing with perfectionism (+ other mindset blocks) as an online creative;

  • How to use gratitude as a business strategy to delight your clients, collaborators + community;

  • And… how to start a successful gratitude practice, with 4 practical tips for both work + life.

Now, gratitude as a business strategy… Are you raising your eyebrows in confusion?

Let’s find out more about it, because I’m here to tell you that gratitude isn’t just the awkward thing you do once a year during the holiday season.

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