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How to create an intentional online space for your creative business

As an online creative, I know you have a ton on your plate. And, if you’re going at this whole running-a-creative-business thing alone, there’s always the question of “Am I doing the right things + am I doing them in the right order?”

When it comes to designing an intentional online space for your creative business, strategy should be your first priority.

I firmly believe that your website needs to be intentional + strategic, so that every element on your website serves a purpose. And that purpose is to lead visitors toward the goal that you’ve set beforehand.

Basically, the purpose of your website is to convert casual followers into fangirl clients.

Whether you’re considering working with a designer on your website or going the DIY route, you’ll want to strategize + see if you’re prepared before you get started. To help you along, here are 5 questions you should answer before (re)designing your website for your creative business.

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