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7 things I've learned from helping my clients ditch perfect + take action on their creative ideas

What’s holding you back from doing the work to overcome your perfectionism and, finally, take action on your big creative ideas?

Ever since launching my 1-on-1 coaching program, I’ve been so lucky to have worked with dozens of creative women in helping them go from stressed-out perfectionist to recovering perfectionist, from procrastination, self-doubt + overwhelm to imperfect action-takers.

Having a backstage pass to so many transformations in my clients’ creative work (and personal lives, too!), has taught me a thing or two about raising your hand + saying yes to doing the scary thing.

Mindset blocks, hesitations, not feeling good enough or like you don’t have what it takes, wanting to backtrack… I’ve seen it all. And guess what? Everybody feels this way.

Feeling this way is not a sign to quit or to not invest in yourself. In fact, feeling this way is how you KNOW you’ve taken the right step. Because saying hell-to-the-no to your perfectionism is supposed to scare the hell out of you.

You’ve been carrying around your perfectionism for years. It’s been your trusted companion, your go-to survival mechanism, the devil you know. If overcoming perfectionism was easy, you’d done so already.

But trust me, you’ve got what it takes. You can do this. Find strength in the women who’ve gone through the process before you. If they can do it, so can you.

So, without further adieu, here’s what I've learned from helping my clients (brave women just like you and me!) overcome their perfectionism + take action on their big creative ideas.

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4 ways perfectionism is slowing your creative business down

There are a few times a year when the unthinkable happens to us online creatives: inquiries start drying up + sales and client work slows down.


This happens at least once a year for most creative business owners and it’s usually during the summer months.

But what about all the times you hold YOURSELF back in business? What about all those moments your perfectionism is slowing you down?

You might not realize it, but these moments - however big or small they may be - happen everyday in your creative business.

Even though I’m heading into my fourth year of business, I’m still surprised by the number of mindset blocks, limiting beliefs + subconscious, emotional saboteurs that slow my progress.

Let’s examine them, shall we?

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Why perfectionism is a coping mechanism that’s holding you back in your business

Hey friend! As you know, there are a ton of resources on the Ditch Perfect blog helping you to leave behind the perfectionism hustle through breaking down what perfectionism is and how it negatively affects you and your business.

But I’ve never really shared why perfectionism affected me so much and how it became a coping mechanism, like it does for many creatives.

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4 steps to ditch perfect + take action on those big ideas you have for your business

Today’s the day… I get to channel my inner Oprah!

Why? Because it’s giveaway time.

“You get a freebie, you get a freebie, you get a freebie!”

(I admit, it’s not a car - maybe next time *wink wink*)

What’s the freebie, you ask?


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