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4 easy ways to make sure your website is working for your creative business

Is your website pulling its weight?

Your website is important to you as an online creative. It’s *the* online space for your clients, customers + community. A space that, unlike your social media channels, you actually own.

Your website’s primary purpose is to convert casual followers into fangirl customers. And sure, it needs to look pretty too.

So let me ask you again, is your website pulling its weight? Is it set up to be intentional + strategic, so that every element on your website serves a purpose, which is to lead visitors toward the goal that you’ve set beforehand?

I’ve found that a great way to answer these questions, is to do a website audit.

I get it, the word ‘audit’ brings up all sorts of negative feelings about taxes and finances + it sounds (let's be honest here) incredibly boring. However, a website audit can be a great tool to assess your current website + make improvements that, in turn, will help grow your creative business.

The purpose of the website audit is to make sure your site is performing well for your creative business. Over time, your creative business can go through gradual changes + it’s important that every part of your website reflects that.

You know when you go to the doctor’s every year or so just for a check-up? A website audit is basically a check-up for your website. It gives you the areas you need to improve without having to rebrand or create a whole new design. It’s a big time-saver.

That’s why, in this blog post, I’m sharing 4 easy ways to make sure your website is working *for* your creative business.

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