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How to justify investing in personal growth as an online creative

Personal development is a growth strategy. It will not only help grow yourself, but your creative business too.

I’ve previously shared my thoughts on how to invest in your creative business + the key takeaway in that blog post is that you have to invest in yourself in order to invest in your business.

Because as an online creative, you *are* your business.

By investing in yourself + your growth as a creative business owner, you’re ultimately investing in the growth of your business as well.

Running a successful creative business isn’t just about your knowledge + learning new skills. It’s just as much, if not more, about managing fear and perfectionism, dealing with self-doubt, growing your confidence + getting rid of mindset blocks.

If you have trouble earning, is that really about not having figured out the “right” marketing strategy or is it about your fear of letting others see your talents?

If you give your work away for free, is that really about showing your “expertise” or is it about how + why you fail to value what you do?

If you fail to celebrate your achievements, is that really about a lack of time or is it about you not cultivating gratitude for yourself, your efforts + your business?

You see, running a creative business *is* a personal growth practice.

So, let’s dig into how you can invest in your personal growth as an online creative, why you should + 3 tips to get started.

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How to invest in your creative business

As online creatives we pour a lot of ourselves into the people - our clients, customers + community - we feel so grateful to get to work with day in and day out.

But, if you’re anything like me, there are times when you pour so much that your energy cup is running on empty. And you and your business can’t run on empty.

That’s why you need to pour back into your creative business too.

Not only to help keep it strong + resilient for years to come, but also because it deserves a little bit of a reward for providing you with the means to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. By pouring back into your business, you’ll allow it to grow + continue to provide for you.

This is where investment comes into play. It’s all about planning for the future + creating a steady and sustainable environment for your business to grow.

But how do you invest in your creative business? Where and when do you pour back in a way that will benefit you + your business as much as possible?

Here are 3 ways you can invest to help grow your creative business.

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