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6 things I wish I knew when building my creative business

If you have a big creative idea that you want to launch into the world this year, then stick around because I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look into what I wish I knew when building my creative business.

This year marks the 7th year of being active in the blogosphere as an online creative. From the early beginnings of a personal blog to the creative business called Ditch Perfect that you’re visiting today.

Personally and professionally, I’m feeling both the weight and the wonder of those years. The first few years flew by in a flash. The Internet was booming, blogs seemed unstoppable + most everyone I knew was hopping online to talk and share ideas about personal growth, creativity, and our struggles along the way.

But, like everything in life, things change. Industries change, systems grow + the way we do business (and life) seems to be rapidly evolving at every turn.

I’ve taken this past week to remember what this all felt like when it was just me on my lunch breaks blogging about the lessons I learned from Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly + to look at what I’ve learned and what I wish I’d known going into this blogging journey that turned into a creative business I never knew I wanted (or could have).

So for anyone out there looking to start a blog, launch a podcast, or take on a creative project that might go on to become a creative business, I hope these lessons learned can come in handy in building a creative business that you love for years to come.

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3 things to focus on when starting a creative business

It’s the #1 question that’s on every one of my clients’ minds.

When you’re first exploring the idea of starting a creative business (or even when you’re a year in, or two, or three), how do you know what to do first in a overwhelming, most likely unorganized pile of to-do’s?

What is a wise way to spend your time + what are the absolute must-do’s to get your business off to the right start?

(Side note: I don’t believe in ‘should-ing’ you into doing something, anything for your business. Here’s why.)

While every situation is unique + it’s probably best to center your purpose and values in every decision you make, there are a few great places you can get started so you don’t kick yourself for not having implemented them further down the line.

There are definitely a lot more things you could add to this list, but I’ve managed to cut it back to the essentials: the 3 areas that you can start with + go from there.

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