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3 reminders for creatives who feel like they're falling behind

Have you ever felt like you’re falling behind, like you can’t quite keep up?

I’ve definitely been feeling the feeling of ‘being behind’ these last few weeks.

It started with one missed day of not checking out the latest on Instagram. On day 2, I was simply too tired. Day 3 came and I genuinely missed engaging with my community on Instagram, but the thought of having to catch up on so many posts was a little overwhelming. Where do I even start? What will they think? Will they think it’s weird I’m commenting on a days old post?

And before I knew it, a couple of days became a couple of weeks.

Any of this sound familiar? Exchange ‘engaging on Instagram’ with reading the latest blog posts, catching the newest podcast episodes, or taking stock of the most recent must-try marketing trends, and I’m sure you have experienced that feeling of ‘being behind’ too.

As I’m navigating my way through this bout of Instagram overwhelm (+ giving myself lots of grace in the process!), these reminders were helpful for me and my hope is that they’ll be helpful for you too.

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