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The ugly truth behind perfection on Instagram: 4 tips for keeping it real on social media

Have you ever felt the pressure to be perfect on Instagram?

The pressure to…

… create a perfectly curated feed full of picture-perfect images?

… write perfectly interesting and inspiring captions over and over again?

… have the perfect bio, the perfect hashtags, the perfect amount of engaged followers?

Everyone’s telling you to try this, hashtag that, use these apps, beat the algorithm + frankly your lighting is ALL wrong.

Meanwhile, you’re ready to pull a Britney Spears and drastically shave Instagram off your to-do list. If you know what I mean ;)

I’ve been writing about the pressure of perfect and the problem of perfectionism for a while now and the question I get asked the MOST is how to deal with the pressure of perfection on social media in general and Instagram in particular.

And it get it.

There’s just something about looking at highlights and stories and pretty pictures to brighten up your day.

But… I’m guessing you’re also familiar with feelings of comparisonitis, FOMO, and insecurity as a result of looking at all of those pretty pictures.

That’s why we need to have an honest conversation around this topic and reframe the way you feel about using Instagram. Let’s get to it.

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What to look for in a perfectionism coach + 3 red flags to avoid

How do I know if I’ve found a great, trust-worthy coach? What do I need to look out for? And what do I need to avoid when choosing a coach?

These are important questions to ask yourself, when you’re considering working with a coach.

Online coaching hasn’t been around for long. Perfectionism coaching is a new field altogether.

So I definitely understand that it can be hard to figure out exactly what you need to look for and the red flags to avoid when choosing a coach.

A little while ago, I was looking to buy a new couch. (And feeling like a real adult!)

After some research I learned that a good quality couch has a solid wood frame and reinforced corners. As a couch-buying newbie I was clueless. I seriously appreciated the manufacturer explaining what to look for and then linking me straight to some couches that fit those criteria. They informed me and made me an educated buyer, so much so that I was confident with my purchase.

This blog post is about to do the same for you. Not on the topic of couches of course, but when it comes to looking for + finding a great coach to work with.

Let’s dig in.

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