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How to embrace "good enough" in your creative business

If you’ve ever felt not good enough in your creative business (and personal life too) + you have no idea how to deal with these feelings and fears, then stick around because I’m sharing 4 loving reminders for embracing the concept of “good enough”.

Well, this is a fun topic, huh?

We all have that “I’m not good enough” thought from time to time. For you, it might show up as feeling not smart enough, not successful enough, not outgoing enough, not creative enough, not tech-savvy enough…

You feel like you “don’t have it all together” (whatever that means), so you think you’re a failure.

You’ve put in *so much* work but you’re still unhappy with where you are, because you didn’t give yourself any credit for all of the other stuff that “doesn’t count”.

Any of this ring a bell?

We each have our own version of why we think we aren’t good enough. We all do. No matter what yours is, know that it’s just a thought you’re telling yourself. And also know that it’s possible to believe new things.

That’s why, in this blog post, I’m sharing 4 reminders for creatives struggling with feeling not good enough + a few tips and exercises for getting over the fear of not enough and starting to embrace “good enough” in your creative business.

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