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A perfectly imperfect story of ditching the hustle of perfectionism

Ditch Perfect’s mission and blog are pretty straightforward: helping creatives (aka YOU!) ditch perfect by providing the tools to overcome perfectionism once and for all, so that you can start taking action on your big creative ideas.

I talk a lot about perfectionism over here: what it is, how it shows up for us and hinders us along the way + what to do to start letting go of your perfectionism.

But I haven’t really shared before about the link between perfectionism and the culture of hustle, hustle, hustle that seems to be all the rage these days.

And believe me, perfectionism is a hustle. It’s hustling for perfection, for approval, for self-worth.

Perfectionism presents us with this vision that has us believing if we achieve perfection, THEN, and only then, we will finally be happy/successful/*insert your particular poison here*. We keep hustling for something that isn’t achievable because we want to achieve that one specific outcome that we believe is waiting for us across the finish line.

Setting aside the question of whether perfection is achievable or not, what perfectionism does is keep us stuck in this cycle of working harder + doing more. We keep chasing after and hustling for a thriving 6-figure business, a stellar career, a house with a white picket fence, the 2.5 children (all symbols of perfection as far as society is concerned) without thinking about whether those things are right for us or match our values and priorities.

The hustle of perfectionism… it’s something I’m deeply passionate about, as I believe it’s one of the ways perfectionism keeps us small.

That’s why I’m so excited to have gotten the chance to talk more in-depth about this topic on my friend Ruth’s blog over at The Anti-Hustle Project.

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Why creatives struggle so much with perfectionism (+ what to do about it)

Why do so many creatives struggle with perfectionism? Are you one of them?

Perfectionism is a problem. And (creative) women in particular struggle with it a lot.

I’ve shared before about 6 ways perfectionism is hurting you and how perfectionism is not the key to success.

But perfectionism must be doing something right, otherwise it wouldn’t be an appealing option to so many of us.

I’m 100% convinced that perfectionism takes away from us + holds us back, but it must give us something too.

Let’s find out what that is.

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8 must-follow Instagram accounts for online creatives looking to ditch perfect in their business

Overcoming your perfectionism is not easy. At all.

It’s a coping mechanism you’ve been carrying around for so many years, so it’s no wonder that many of us recovering perfectionists feel a little tired, stressed + confused from time to time.

But there are people who can help you. People who have gone through the same things you’re going through now.

During my many hours scrolling down the Instagram rabbit hole (I know, I know… #procrastinationfail), I’ve found these 8 accounts for online creatives that are tired of being held back by their inner perfectionist.

These 8 relatable and inspiring Instagram accounts share what it’s really like to let go of the hustle of perfectionism and embrace your perfectly imperfect self instead.


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10 binge-worthy TED talks to help you deal with perfectionism in your creative business

Trying to overcome your perfectionism is a stressful job and it can wear you down at times if you let it.

I love coming up with new ways and different tools to help you let go of perfectionism in your creative business (and in your personal life, too!) + I’m grateful that I can do what I love everyday, but there are days when I feel less inspired.

When that happens, I find it useful to look outside for inspiration. A good, inspiring TED talk never fails to lift my soul and leave me feeling energized and motivated.

During my many voyages down the black hole that is the TED website (I know, I know… #procrastinationfail), I found these 10 TED talks that will - hopefully - inspire you in your journey of overcoming perfectionism + ditching perfect in your creative business as much as it did for me.

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The ugly truth behind perfection on Instagram: 4 tips for keeping it real on social media

Have you ever felt the pressure to be perfect on Instagram?

The pressure to…

… create a perfectly curated feed full of picture-perfect images?

… write perfectly interesting and inspiring captions over and over again?

… have the perfect bio, the perfect hashtags, the perfect amount of engaged followers?

Everyone’s telling you to try this, hashtag that, use these apps, beat the algorithm + frankly your lighting is ALL wrong.

Meanwhile, you’re ready to pull a Britney Spears and drastically shave Instagram off your to-do list. If you know what I mean ;)

I’ve been writing about the pressure of perfect and the problem of perfectionism for a while now and the question I get asked the MOST is how to deal with the pressure of perfection on social media in general and Instagram in particular.

And it get it.

There’s just something about looking at highlights and stories and pretty pictures to brighten up your day.

But… I’m guessing you’re also familiar with feelings of comparisonitis, FOMO, and insecurity as a result of looking at all of those pretty pictures.

That’s why we need to have an honest conversation around this topic and reframe the way you feel about using Instagram. Let’s get to it.

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