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Ditch Perfect + Take Action: coaching for online creatives

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You have a big idea for your creative business; so big that it makes your heart skip a beat thinking about it.

You daydream about what making this idea a reality could mean for you.

You could:

  • launch a new podcast + connect with those creatives you’ve looked up to for so long

  • create better services + work with those ‘pinch me’ ideal clients turned real-life friends

  • quit your day job + finally turn the side hustle you’re so passionate about into a fulltime gig

  • show up for yourself and your clients, be more visible + grow your creative business

And most of all, you get to experience the freedom you’ve been craving to do what you wholeheartedly love + provide an income for yourself and those you love in the process.

There’s a lot at stake. And so the thought of making your big idea a reality scares you *big* time.

Your big idea has been gathering dust at the bottom of your to-do list. Here’s why:

  • Your need for everything to be perfect makes you feel stuck.

  • You wait to feel qualified enough, experienced enough, confident enough, financially secure enough, motivated enough… heck, anything other than feeling not good enough.

  • You repeatedly get lost in spirals of self-doubt, comparison + feeling like a total failure.

  • You’re so paralyzed by options that you choose to do nothing.

That, my friend, is because your inner perfectionist is running the show.

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So, that’s where I come in…

I’d love to work with you and come up with a personalized action plan to help you tackle your inner perfectionist AND make that big creative idea happen.

Most business resources give you generalized advice or basic strategies and that’s where it stops.

But I believe that you have to focus on the mindset side of being a creative business owner too - perfectionism, fear, self-doubt, overwhelm - if you want to make those dreamy ideas a reality.



What’s included, you ask?


/ step 1 /

You take some time to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire + my perfectionist profile quiz to help me get to know you and to help you get an understanding of how perfectionism holds you back in your business and life.

/ step 2 /

Next, we’ll meet each other for a 90-minute, laser-focused coaching session to kick off our time working together. Afterwards, you’ll receive a recording of our session.


/ step 3 /

Then, you’ll get started with my 4-week lesson program, including worksheets and exercises, for doing the mindset work to ditch perfect for good (program track 1) + you’ll take action on your new actionable game plan for bringing your big creative idea to life (program track 2).

/ step 4 /

You’ll also receive weekly motivational notes and accountability check-ins to track your progress, provide mentoring + answer any questions you might have.


What you gain from working together


  • clarity and direction from that immovable feeling of stuckness

  • freedom from the fears, perfectionism + mindset blocks that have been holding you back

  • confidence in yourself and your ability to propel yourself into action

and No more...

  • waiting for the “right” time to start and feeling paralyzed

  • letting fear run the show

  • giving into self-doubt about your abilities, direction + ultimately your identity

  • letting the act of comparison consume your time

  • believing that you’re not worthy of living out your big dreams

(payment plans available)


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Success stories

Ditch Perfect testimonial Jennifer.jpg
Everyone who knows me knows I’m all about intentional living and perfectionism is one of the mindsets I’m trying to let go of. I always turn to my friend Wendy for direction when I feel stuck.
— Jennifer, simplyfiercely.com
Ditch Perfect testimonial Allyn.jpg
I adore the conversations Wendy creates around perfectionism and especially the link with my anxiety and mental health. Wendy is my go-to gal for all things perfectionism.
— Allyn, hitthegem.com

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Hey, Wendy here...

I started creating this ‘Ditch Perfect + Take Action’ coaching program 3 years ago, wrote a little, put it aside. A year later I wrote a little more, put it aside again. But, as you can see, it’s finally finished + you can get your hands on it today.

Through ‘Ditch Perfect + Take Action’ we come up with a personalized action plan for ditching perfect + bringing your big idea to life, so that you can make those dream goals happen in your creative business.

Because I know (evidenced by how long it took me to launch this thing!) that doing something new isn’t always easy. After launching coaching services, ebooks, 3 online courses + a ton of workshops, I know *exactly* what happens when you get stuck in perfection paralysis.

I’m ready to show up for you with the goods to keep you focused, motivated + moving forward so you can see your big idea come to life.


This is right for you if:

  • you have a big idea for your creative business that you’re desperate to turn into a reality

  • the idea of doing it on your own feels insurmountable

  • you’re ready to tackle your perfectionism + other mindset blocks that might come up

  • you are highly committed and motivated, but just need some mentoring + accountability to help you on your way

Still on the fence?

I get it. The decision to work with a coach is a big deal.

Here’s what will happen when working with me:


/ 1 / You’re given undivided attention and specific advice

We’ve all done the Google searches, listened to podcasts + read the blog posts with a ton of free advice. But nothing beats the value and impact of undivided attention and being able to address your specific set of issues.

/ 2 / You’re given judgement-free feedback

When someone holds a mirror up to you and your progress + when someone is calling you out on your excuses, there's nothing else to do but doing the work. It's accountability at its finest.

/ 3 / You’ll see that making an investment creates focus

Be honest, free advice rarely gets implemented, right? But when you invest your hard-earned money to make a real change... you’re sure to show up, ready + focused.

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So, let me ask you this...

What would happen if you just did the thing you're procrastinating on? What if you hit publish, asked for the partnership, launched that podcast, went *all in*?

Would you have to play bigger? Step into the spotlight? Take a risk? Possibly fail?

Listen, I know you're ready. I know you've been thinking about it for a while. And I know if you don't do it *now* it’s still going to be on your to-do list months from now.

By the way… I'm reading your mind because I did the same thing. I waited and waited and waited. And then, years later, I ended up doing it anyway.

Some of it worked, some of it didn't. Guess what… I survived. Take a chance, my friend, it might just be entirely worth it.

(payment plans available)